Tips For Kitchen Managers

The best way to foster trust in the kitchen is to make sure that all staff members know the kitchen procedures. Not only will this help the front of house employees know how long dishes will take to prepare, but it will also make your job easier. To encourage a positive environment in the kitchen, you should establish guidelines for communication, including what issues should be raised, who should be alerted, and how to contact the manager. Make sure that everyone knows how to reach you, and that you value their input.

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A kitchen manager should learn to delegate tasks. The more complex tasks should be delegated to more experienced team members. This will relieve pressure on the manager and free up his time for long-term projects or administrative tasks. It is also important to make sure that delegation is done properly, as over-management can lead to feelings of suffocation and watching. In addition, you should be sure to remove employees who are not willing or unable to do the job.

Moreover, the manager should know what hours the staff should be working. They should also be aware that the hours are not set in stone. For instance, on a Saturday night, more staff should be working than during the weekday. On the other hand, a busy weekday should have fewer people thetotal working to ensure service. Therefore, the manager should plan ahead and post the schedule at least four days in advance. This way, he will have ample time to adjust the schedule if necessary.

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