Things to consider when getting framing done for your photos

Framing is a great way to add value and personality to your home. It’s an affordable way to personalise your space, regardless of the size or style of your home. Rose Bay framing can give any room a unique feel, so choose the right frame for each photo. Here are some things to consider when getting this done:

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Quality of the materials used.

Consider the quality of the materials used to frame your photos. This is important because you want your pictures to last. If you’re in Rose Bay framing an expensive image, it’s worth investing a little more in the frame so that it lasts longer.

You should also think about how much use you plan on getting out of your framed photos and whether or not they’ll be able to be changed later on if needed. For example, if you have a large family portrait taken with all of your friends at once, you are curious if everyone will still be together in ten years.

Consider your decor style.

Choose something simple and clean if your photo is displayed in a room filled with modern furniture and sharp lines. If you have an old-fashioned farmhouse-style home with many antique touches and decorative items, it’s best to go more rustic.

The style of the photo itself will also help determine what framing suits it best. For example, if your photograph has a lot of colours or bold lines in it (such as watercolours), then perhaps a dark wood frame would suit that image better than a white one would. You can tell how much personality your picture has just by looking at it.

Consider your decorating style when choosing which frame will look best on display in your living or office environment. This will make it feel more like “you” instead of someone else’s taste influencing everything around you.

Consider how you want to display the photo.

  • If you want to display a photo on your wall, consider the size of the picture.
  • If you’re hanging a few photos together, it’s best to use matching frames so they look cohesive.
  • Frames with wide mats are best for larger photos, so they don’t overpower the frame.
  • Frames with thin or narrow mats are better for smaller art pieces like paintings or drawings because they help draw attention to those images instead of being overshadowed by their elements.

Consider the size of the wall where the photo will be displayed.

When you’re thinking about where to display your photos, the size of the wall is a factor. If you have a large wall, for example, consider choosing a larger frame than you would if you had a small fence.

Similarly, if you have a small space for displaying your photo (or if there are other frames on the same wall), consider choosing an 8×10 print rather than an 11×14 print just so all frames are similar sizes and can sit side by side comfortably.


Considering this, it’s essential to consider a few different factors. The quality of the materials used and how these materials will work with your decor style are just as important as deciding how you want to display the photo. In addition, you should consider the size of the wall where it will be revealed because this will affect how much space is left between each frame.

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