How to Write an English Essay Introduction

If you want to learn how to write an English essay introduction, there are a few basic rules that you must follow. A good introduction will introduce your topic and state your overall argument. You can use any interesting quote or piece of information relating to the main subject of your essay. Once you’ve done this, you need to provide background on the main story that you are writing about. If you’re writing an essay about a personal experience, include a thesis statement or a short overview of what you learned from the experience.

The opening sentence should be a statement of an interesting fact. The second sentence, however, is a more specific statement. You can highlight an example of how this fact is relevant to your topic and draw the reader’s interest. In addition, make sure to use a real-world example to illustrate the point you’re making. Make sure that your hook is interesting and transitions smoothly into your thesis statement. Don’t forget to use relevant examples, quotes, and statistics.

In addition to the point of view you’ll express, an intro paragraph should be well-organized and concise. The body of the essay should follow the guidelines that you’ve created for the introduction. You may find that writing an introduction first gives you more time to develop your argument, and later you’ll have to re-arrange the body of the essay to fit the introduction. In this case, a good hook is important in order to make your reader want to read the rest of the essay.

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