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The International Marketing Environment

When deciding how to sell products worldwide, you must consider the forces that are affecting your market and industry. These forces can be geographical, demographic, economic, legal, and political, and each has an impact on the marketing environment. You must take every aspect of this environment into account when making marketing decisions. Global phenomena and relationships among nations are important factors. International organizations, agencies, and political systems also affect marketing facilities. In order to stay competitive, your company must study all of these factors.

The international marketing environment is the external and internal forces that affect the marketing mix in foreign markets. The marketing mix is prepared in the context of the international environment. The factors are divided into three main categories: global, domestic, and internal. International marketers must consider all of these factors and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. These three types of factors include the following:

The cultural environment consists of religious, social, and family systems. The buying behavior of consumers varies across nations. Understanding these differences and adjusting your marketing program accordingly can help your company achieve its marketing goals. Lastly, you must consider the gender and age of your target market. In order to make the most informed decisions, you must understand the differences between the two genders. You must be sensitive to these differences. Failure to do so could lead to marketing failures overseas.

The internal environment is comprised of the factors affecting your company. These factors are known as controllable variables. If they change, they can influence the outcome. Every department in a company has an impact on international marketing decisions. For example, research and development will provide input on product features, while accounting will approve the financial side of marketing plans. These factors are largely out of your control and must be taken into consideration when formulating an international marketing strategy.

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