5 Ways On How Adjustable Beds Can Transform Your Sleep

After the industrial revolution, the human race has begun ignoring the importance of sleep. As scientists continue to urge that sleep is the most important medicine, commerce steps in to create products that improve your sleep quality. Adjustable bed packages are one such innovation that can get you the essential zzz that sustains life.

#1 Lets You Do More in Bed

Adjustable beds can adapt their positions to let you maintain ergonomic positions in bed. Whether that is reading a book, having a chat with a friend, or binge-watching, the question of whether it’s a good idea aside, let’s admit everyone does more in bed than just sleep. If you’re going to do so, why not have a bed that enables you to do this more healthily?

#2 The Right Position for the Right Sleep

Some people take too many pillows, and some take too few. This influences how your body is positioned during sleep, greatly impacting bodily functions during the nighttime. Unsuccessful digestion, for example, is a common symptom of not maintaining the proper sleeping posture. Adjustable bed packages ensure you have the right equipment to sleep the best you can.

#3 Relax-Ready Bed

For those who have trouble falling asleep, the cure can be in their activities before bed. The easiest thing to ‘relax’ before bed is to lie on your side and scroll through social media. But you already know the harmful effects of blue light on sleep. Wouldn’t it be better if your bed was more comfortable for healthier habits like reading or journaling before bed? An adjustable bed is versatile enough to see you through the different sleep phases.

#4 No More Snoring

Snoring can be an issue for your partner just as much as you. With an adjustable bed, you can raise your head above shoulder level, which usually opens up breathing pathways and reduces snoring. Your partner can then sleep soundlessly throughout the night, and so can you. Sleeping in the correct position can also prevent acid reflux. This health condition, common in middle adulthood, can keep you up for long uncomfortable hours during the night. But something as simple as maintaining the right position can fix this.

#5 Wake Up Less During the Night

Did you know that body temperature is one of the most critical aspects that determine sleep quality? Your body’s core temperature changes throughout the day according to your circadian rhythm. Your body needs to be cool at night. But this is made rugged with stuffy bedding. Adjustable beds allow for better air circulation so that the heat exit points of your body, such as your face, hands, and feet, can cool you down better. As you ease in from the end of one REM cycle to the next, you will be kept up less through the night. With fewer awakenings, you can be assured that you’ll be well-rested for the next day.

Features to Look Out for in Adjustable Bed Packages

#1 Pillow Tilt

Some adjustable beds have a unique pillow tilt. Look into this feature if you frequently have frozen necks or sleep apnea. Some medical conditions of the spine might also benefit from this feature.

#2 Massagers

If chairs can have this feature, why not beds? After all, you do need to be fully relaxed to fall asleep. At the same time, most people can naturally relax their minds and bodies, some struggle. A massager catalyses this process so that you can make the most of your sleep opportunity.

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