4 Most Important Things to Look Into When Servicing Your Car

It’s natural for all human beings to go about their lives with an outlook that everything is lovely and nothing could go wrong. But there’s absolutely no telling when something wrong could happen in time to come. While some scenarios happen unexpectedly, others can be avoided. One such scenario is your commute in your car. While you could be careful and follow all the rules when driving, a minor issue with a tiny part could lead to disastrous outcomes. And the only way to avoid such scenarios is to have your car services every once in a while. Whether it is having the clutch of your car fixed or using only genuine Ford spare parts (if you own a Ford) to replace the worn-out ones, having your car checked for any issues shall help in preventing many unforeseen and unfortunate situations from taking place, keeping you and any other passengers in the car safe.

But there are some things that you must look into when having your car serviced. Your car is ultimately your responsibility, and it is only you who will bear the consequences if something is to go wrong. Hence, if you are having your car serviced, here’s a list of things to look into to ensure your vehicle is properly checked and repaired and faces no issues for a reasonable amount of time.

Job Sheet or Work Order

Regardless of which service station you choose to have your car serviced at, it is a standard practice for them to issue a work order or a job sheet. This sheet serves as a mode of communication between the service vendor and the mechanic. Point out any faults you may have identified to the service executives, and ensure that you check the sheet and the car when accepting delivery of the car to ascertain that all your queries have been resolved and corrected well.

Itemised Bill

A bill is generated once the car is serviced and is called an itemized bill. Ensure you check it well and see that the items listed on it cost precisely how much the vendor quoted you initially, be it the change of your car’s tyres or using genuine Ford spare parts if you own a Ford. Also, check if you are being charged for an oil replacement rather than an engine oil top-up, as that may significantly raise your charges.

Transmission Oil or Engine Oil

Your car’s engine can be linked to the heart of a being. The machine must be tended to well for the car to function efficiently. The filter must be changed every once in a while, and the engine oil must be replaced often to keep running smoothly. The same principles apply to the transmission, too, although it generally does not come with a filter. When you are to change the engine oil, check the colour of the oil. If the oil is dark, it is old and dirty and must be changed.

Coolant or Brake Fluid

Every few thousand kilometres, the engine coolant must be changed as it loses its properties over time and becomes useless. Similarly, the brake fluid must be replaced depending on what your car manufacturer recommends.

Keep an eye out to ensure that the service vendors use only authentic parts like genuine Ford spare parts if you own Ford to ensure maximum safety. Although the suggestions provided in this article are only a few things to consider when having your car serviced, these are some of the most important aspects to keep an eye out for.

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